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Customer Satisfaction Survey-PRC&HK A: View Response #41

Thank you very much for choosing Lamex.
Aiming to "100% Satisfaction from Customers" is the long-term adherence of Lamex. We are always looking for opportunities to constantly review and improve our products and service.
It's a great help if you could spare a few minutes to fill in this questionnaire.
(To ensure the feedback of your requests can be sent to you timely, please help to fill in your contact  informations.)

Company Name:

Amplify Funding

Contact Person:

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A1.How satisfied are you with professional knowledge of our sales representative?

Very Satisfied

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A2.How satisfied are you with the responses of your project?


A2a. Your comments:


A3. How satisfied are you with the service attitude of our sales representative?


A3a. Your comments:

A4. Did the sales representative provide sufficient introduction for the product features and daily maintenance for you?


A4a. Your comments:


A5.How satisfied are you with the efficiency of our installation team?


A5a. Your comments:

A6.How satisfied are you with the quality of installation service?

Very Satisfied

A6a. Your comments:

A7.How satisfied are you with the profession of our installation team?


A7a. Your comments:

A8. Have you visited Lamex website ? Which information is useful for you to choose Lamex?

Visit Lamex Website:


Please select useful information for you:

Company Introduction

If 'Others', please indicate:

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A9.Is the planning tool 'Personalize Your Chair' or 'Visualize Your Idea' useful for you?


If 'No', please indicate:

amplify funding

A10. How do you know Lamex?

Word of mouth

A10a. If 'Others', please indicate:

A11.Would you have any more suggestions we could do to improve?

There were pundits of Obama's home amplify funding direct lender ( ) alteration program before it was executed and they are still there now. At the point when the downturn incited the Obama organization to establish a unique loan alteration program to keep more families from losing their homes, there were pundits wherever contrasting it with different projects that have had half of their candidates lose their homes to dispossession. In spite of the fact that Obama's home (amplifyfunding ( ) ) adjustment program is diverse to some other program, the pundits are as yet sitting tight for it to fizzle and they are watching the numbers carefully.

The one factor that pundits must recall is that administration actualized programs regardless of how great they are, consistently set aside effort to show their outcomes, particularly when they are impacted or they impact the economy. Time is a major factor in these loan adjustment programs. To start with, people experiencing difficulty making their home loan installment needed to understand that there was government help accessible. These people at that point needed to make a move. Tragically there might not have been that much guidance with respect to how to get a loan adjustment until some other time so this again slowed down the program's progress.

Once it was acknowledged how to get a loan alteration, more families applied. Once more, another hindrance of ill-conceived loan change firms sprung up, in this manner costing a few families more cash than they could bear the cost of and coming about with little help. In any case, for the individuals who discovered authentic outsider help and were qualified for the program saw incredible outcomes and are currently getting a charge out of the advantages of the program.

Right now, insights show that most of uses are as yet being prepared so the economy has no chance to get of seeing the outcomes. Since the economy has been pivoting gradually, there is motivation to accept that adjustments that have been acknowledged and begun are producing a positive results on the economy however it takes time. It takes a long time for the decreased installments to be felt by the family with the goal that they can begin taking care of down different tabs. The full impact may not be seen for at any rate another year.

The program quits tolerating new candidates in 2012 and at that point, Americans can hope to see better outcomes from the program. The year 2010 is anticipated to be the top for abandonments and afterward the nation is to see the lodging market settle down as more individuals can make their home loan installments while others begin to show signs of improvement monetary establishing. Up until this point, Obama's amplify funding direct lender ( ) alteration program has not seen the disappointment rate that others have seen and financial specialists don't expect it to.

For any individual who needs to participate in Obama's loan change program, they are enthusiastically prescribed to look for proficient counsel. This doesn't need to incorporate paying high expenses for conference. At the point when an individual looks on the web, they can find sites that offer free meetings and counsel concerning these issues. This isn't something that ought to be procrastinated as the previous it is followed up on the better possibility of the candidate accepting some great news.

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